Hi, I'm Patrick Oakley Ellis

Tech Entrepreneur | Full-Stack Engineer | Community Connector

About Me

INTJ | From Gig Harbor, WA | Living in Seattle, WA

I have an deep passion for building, learning and thinking differently. I especially enjoy building organizations, innovating upon processes and designing & engineering creative products. I love technology startups.

What I Love

Building Organizations

In high school I built a web development company, OneRedOak. During college, I co-founded a student organization with ~500 members, Startup UW and a non-profit that became the NW’s largest hackathon, DubHacks. I'm now building Toggle Development.

Full-Stack Engineering

I love the entire stack – from HTML/CSS design to backend architecture. My technical experience lies primarily with JavaScript, Vue.js, AngularJS, Python, Django, Ruby/Rails and other modern web application focused tech.

Connecting People

Whether it’s building organizations that connect students across campus, fostering community in my church, or connecting talent within the Seattle startup scene – I love connecting people together.

Finance & Investing

I have spent countless hours over nights and weekends researching the system behind personal finance and wealth growth, giving presentations to many friends and co-workers. Very few things get me more excited.

Visual Media

Starting at a very early age, I’ve captured much of life through photos and video. I have a passion for capturing visual memories, and the art and tech both photography and cinematography. In high school we took 2nd place in the Gig Harbor Film Festival.

Serving People

My mission is to use my talents and the opportunities I’ve been given to serve others – both in business and through the local community. This has involved volunteering/giving to organizations and mentoring youth through the Church.

A Brief Introduction